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S57 Touch Panel

Product code: HDL-MTS57.1WI
S57 Touch Panel, designed for smart home and building, is equipped with a 5.7’’ TFT display with 1280x640 resolution, supporting capacitive multi-touch. It also supports network connection via Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With built-in light sensor, the display automatically regulates its brightness according to ambient light level to provide optimum visual effects.When the built-in proximity sensor detects gestures within 30cm, the display wakes up for control.
Working voltage : 24V DC, 0.5A or PoE
Working current : 148mA / 24V D
C Standby current : 80mA / 24V DC
Screen resolution : 1280* 640, 260ppi
Dimensions : 150×81×13.5(mm) (The thickness does not include the bottom raised parts.)
Net weight : 200g

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