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HDL IntelliCenter Model 2

Product code: HDL-MSERVER/D.20
The IntelliCenter can work as a KNX gateway, an HDL Buspro gateway, or the gateway translates between these two protocols. And with the app works with it, you can connect to many other technologies or products, Sonos, HomeKit, SmartThings, Philips Hue and more.
However, it’s not only a gateway, it’s also a server. A server that allows you to save system information and run the system locally. Scheduled events, logic conditions, scenes can be easily set with IntelliCenter. It gives you a truly integrated smart experience.
Working voltage : 12~30VDC
Power consumption : 2.5W max
Communication : RJ45, HDL Buspro, KNX Bus
Operation system : iRidium Server software
Dimension : 72×95×61(mm)
Weight : 0.25Kg

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