The HDL BUS system is robust and reliable. In our experience, for most of the few times a problem is reported there is a good reason for it and it is solved through logical and methodological troubleshooting. Problems are usually because of short or earth faults (when two wires touch that shouldn’t, or connect the system to earth), or if somebody connects both the IP and BUS into a Z-Audio player (only one or the other is required), it causes a feedback loop and blocks communication. If you should have any problem please contact we’ll be more than happy to talk you through your problem and help you resolve it.

Although you can use CAT5/CAT6 to cable your HDL BUS, we highly recommend KNX cable which is easier to terminate and has less potential signal-loss problems. In fact we would insist that any project follows this advice. The only acceptable time to use CAT5/CAT6 is if the wiring is existing and cannot be changed.

Please note that our products come with a 2 year warranty for manufacturer defaults.

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