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4CH IR Emitter

Product code: HDL-MIRC04.40
The HDL-MIRC04.40 4 Channels IR Emitter is able to download codes saved in the Buspro Programming Software, or codes uploaded to the IR Code Learner. The HDL-MIRC04.40 can then transmit the IR codes to control IR devices, such as air conditioner, TV, fan, projector, Set-Top Box, DVD etc. It also supports current detection for devices.
Buspro power supply : DC12-30V
Buspro power consumption : 30mA/DC24V
Sending carrier wave frequency : 38KHz
IR control distance : 6m (The IR emission tube is usually connected to the air conditioner receiver.)
Dimensions : 45×45×16 (mm)
Net weight : 58g

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