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S10/10 Inch Touch Screen

Product code: HDL-MTS10B.2WI
S10 is a touch screen which is specially designed for home and building automation. It adopts a 64 bit 4 core high-performance CPU and equipped with a 800x1280 high-definition IPS display and multi-point capacitive touch screen. This touch screen also has a variety of physical interface extensions to connect to other systems, such as, dry contact inputs to connect to various types of security sensors, dry contact outputs to drive magnetic valve or curtain, KNX interface to connect to KNX home and building automation control system, Buspro interface to connect to HDL Buspro system to control villa automation applications, temperature sensor to monitor room temperature etc. The touch screen is with built-in hardware echo cancellation circuit, which can eliminate the echo occurs during two-way audio call process. The high-sensitivity MIC and the low-distortion speakers are very good at restoring real sound and very suitable for visual intercom applications. The built-in sensor detects the movement of the body in real time. When human body is close to the touch screen, the app can automatically wake up the screen backlight and provide a very convenient control mode.
Power supply : 12~24V DC
Power : Max. 12W
Relay output : 4CH, 1A 30V DC Max. per channel

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