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51 Zone Dry Contact Module

Product code: HDL-MHS51.231
The HDL-MHS51.231 51CH Dry Contact Mod- ule has 51 channels. It supports input and output settings of each channel via HDL Buspro Setup Tool according to the user’s requirements.
Working Voltage : DC15-30V
Output current : Max. 8mA/CH
Output impedance : 100Ω
Communication interface : HDL Buspro
Dimensions : 72×90×66(mm)
Net weight : 386.5(g)

51 channels for dry contact input and output.
It can control the dimming and switch functions of the targets, when the dry contact inputs.
The input or output of each channel can be set independently.
Enable or forbid function of each channel can be set independently.
Switch types include: mechanical switch, single-on, single-off, single-on/off, combination
on, combination off, combination on/off, multi-function, parallel combination switch, short/ long press (mechanical switches, combination switches and multifunction switches can set 49 control targets).
Control target mode: scene, sequence, universal switch, single channel lighting control,broadcast scene, broadcast channel, curtain control, panel control, GPRS, Security control , music play control etc.
Supports online upgrading by Buspro.

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