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Tile Series OLED Panel

Product code: HDL-MPL6B/TILE.48
Tile OLED Panel is divided into an OLED display and four push buttons, enabling controls of air conditioning, fan coil unit, floor heating and ventilation system. Parameters can be set by HDL Buspro Setup Tool or manually set on the panel. The brightness level can be set. The icons and text on the panel support laser labelling.

■ Built-in temperature sensor and humidity sensor.
■ Different pages for air conditioning, floor heating and ventilation system.
■ Customizable icons and text
■ Adjustable OLED backlight brightness
■ Enables controls and settings: Page switching, Air conditioner on / off, Air conditioner mode setting, Air conditioner temperature setting, Air conditioner fan speed setting, Floor heating on / off, Floor heating temperature and mode setting, Floor heating channel selection, Ventilation on/off, Ventilation channel selection, Ventilation fan speed setting, Ventilation mode setting, Backlight brightness setting, Device ID setting, Standby time setting, Language setting.
■ Online upgrade via HDL Buspro Setup Tool.

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