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2Ch Motorized Curtain Control Module

Product code: HDL-MW02.431
HDL-MW02.431 is a professional two curtains(shutters) controller. The curtain module can only control the curtain by AC motor. Each curtain can set running time for closing the AC power if the curtain limit switch is failed. Each channel has inching function, it allows users to control the motor in short time, such as changing the angle of shutter. HDL Buspro can control the curtain from iPad, iPhone local and internet.
Working voltage : DC15~30V Class 2
Bus power consumption : 35mA/DC24V
Maximum current per CH : 5A
Relay life time : 60000 times
AC motor type : Single-phase capacitor
Dimensions : 72×90×66 (mm)
Net weight : 250g

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