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Wireless Curtain Control Motor

Product code: HDL-MWM70-RF.12
HDL-MWM70-RF.12 is the wireless curtain motor, which is configured by HDL-MCIP-RF02.10. It can control the curtain to open, close, stop and percentage control. And it has over load protection and over heat protection.
Rated voltage : AC220V 50Hz
Voltage range : AC220V±20% 50HZ
Slave interface : 6P internet port
Rated power : 70W
Rated torque : 1.0Nm
Rated speed : 112rpm
Rail belt speed : 16cm/s
Communication : Wireless
Wireless transmission power : +10dbm
Wireless sensitivity : -90dbm
Indoor communication distance :30m(barrier free)
RSSI Received Signal Strength Indication : >-80dbm
Dimensions : 284×70×50(mm)

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