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THRONE is a breakthrough interface for control of building automation. THRONE enables control of lighting, HVAC (climate), security and other systems of your buiding.
THRONE corresponds the habitual for human three-dimensional perception of the world. THRONE is based on 3D-model of the controlled building, and that makes management of any facility fast, simple and for the first time genuinely intuitive.
THRONE was developed independently from manufacturers of equipment of automation systems, and so THRONE can control devices of different brands within the same project.
THRONE platform includes configurator T-Studio, which enables integrators to develop THRONE interfaces for their projects independently.
T-Studio runs in the ‘cloud’, so the projects will not be lost. In addition, T-Studio supports multi-user work that can accelerate the implementation of projects several times.


Efficient «Two Touch» Lighting Control in any building

Lighting control in one room, a floor or the whole building from a single interface. Regardless to the area of the building you need only two touches on the screen:
select the lighting zone;
turn the lights on / off.
THRONE building automation interface enables control of the interior and exterior lighting of the entire object, regardless of its size and complexity – easily, diversely and fast. The user can turn the light on or off immediately around the building or on the premises, can dim the lighting or change its color. Unlike regular interfaces, in THRONE all these operations are performed in the minimum number of touches of the screen.

Dimmable, non-dimmable and RGB-lighting

There’s no need for multiple remotes to control dimmable or RGB-lighting anymore. Hold the lighting zone on the layout of the room:
if the selected lighting unit is dimmable, you will see the brightness slider,
if it is RGB-lighting unit, you will see a palette for the color selection.

Lighting scheme programming

You no longer need to involve specialist to set up a user’s script of a lighting scheme. Set up the lights the way you want and hold the lighting scheme icon I or II – THRONE will remember your lighting settings for the current room.


Centralized climate control

Besides the direct control of each particular device which manages the climate in a building, THRONE allows to combine air handling units, air conditioners, thermostats, underfloor heating, boilers, room heaters etc. into a single integrated system.

Auto-setup of the system

This system is able to respond on the weather changes and to the conditions or time of day depending on the presence of occupants in the building. According these external and internal factors, THRONE selects the most appropriate and cost-effective climate script.

Energy Efficiency

Besides the obvious benefits in comfort, it leads to significant energy savings, enables precise control of the energy balance of the entire building and opportunity to fit strict consumption quotas.


Precise and clear information

You can arm or disable alarm in the entire building, in each floor or separate rooms.

Video surveillance of perimeter and interior

Interface based on a 3D-model of the building allows to have a precise understanding of where exactly the camera is facing to.
Precise positioning of the devices in the space of a building allows faster response to the activation of alarm sensors and quick view of the event – by tapping the camera icon, you receive a picture from it.

Instant display and better awareness

THRONE interface allows faster response to alerts: all signals are displayed in the context of a three-dimensional model of the building, most organic to human perception. Thus, the operator sees and instantly understands where exactly occurs an event causing an alert.
The best solution for business
Visual obviousness of the THRONE interface allows to speed up of learning the personnel of working with the system. Automatic event log will help to create a transparent system of working hours, and can be useful for the investigation of incidents.

Demonstration Video

Please see the video below for a demonstration of Throne BMS:


The long-awaited simplicity and clarity

Unlike any other interfaces on the market, THRONE was developed keeping in mind the habitual for human object-spatial perception of the environment. The breakthrough THRONE interface is based on a 3D-model of a building what demonstrates a fundamentally new approach to the management and control of a building’s systems.
Here you will not find cumbersome button sets and menus with numerous sublevels. Due to a three-dimensional model, a user controls the system and the devices on an intuitive level. Management of any kinds of building automation systems with the THRONE interface is fast, simple and for the first time is genuinely intuitive.

Centralization – one interface for all systems

All systems are connected to the single control interface. This allows you to control the entire enginery of a building with any control panel connected to the system’s server.


Three-dimensional model of a building underlying THRONE interface, allows you to instantly orient within the building’s systems and reduces to a minimum the period of training of a user to operate the system. THRONE is so easy to use that one can manage even huge and complicated building from the very first time.

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