HVAC module for AC and Fancoil


Product Description

Controller for direct control of different types of air conditioning and air-pump equipment, by the means of relays and 0-10v control. The module has three-step relay (typical for off/on, auto, heat, cool), a two-step relay for fan speed (low, medium and high), and a 0-10v output for stepless fan-speed. The module is controller by a DLP-MEU panel with inbuilt thermostat.

Technical Info

Technical Info


Datasheet (PDF).

Guide to installation and conficuration (PDF).

HDL HVAC Module Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF).

Guide to installation different HVAC system integration using a variety of products and firmwares (PDF).

Type of Product HVAC module for AC and Fancoil
Working Temperature 0~45°C
Working Relative Humidity 20%~90%
Storage Temperature -40°C~+55°C
Storage Relative Humidity 10%~93%
IP Class IP2.0
Working Voltage AC220-240V
Power Supply DC24V
Power Consumption 45mA/DC24V
Max Current 2A
Installation Standard 35mm DIN rail
Size 72mm x 90mm x 66mm
Features Fan speed: high or low
Mode: cooling, heating, ventilation
Need to work with air conditioning panel
Extra fan control method: DC 0~10V
Communication method: HDL-BUS