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Wireless Mesh Gateway

Product code: HDL-MCIP-RF02.10
HDL MCIP-RF02.10 is a gateway based on IEEE802.15.4 standard MESH technology. Mesh Wireless Gateway has three communication interfaces: RJ45, HDL Buspro, RF, which can interconnect different media platforms (RS485, Ethernet, RF) of HDL intelligent devices . At the same time, this device can also be configured as transparent transmission (bridge) mode. RS485 and Ethernet data in multiple gateways can be transmitted from RF, which effectively extends the communication distance. In the inconvenient of layout application environment, subnets can interconnect with wireless (RF).
Working power : 12~30VDC
Communication : RJ45,HDL Buspro,RF
Wireless transmission power : +10dbm
Indoor communication distance : <=50m (barrier free)
Wireless remote signal receiving : RF433M
RSSI Received Signal Strength Indication : >-80dbm
Dimension : 107×99.5×27(mm)
Net weight : 212g.5g

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