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Infrared Emitter

Product code: HDL-M/IRAC.1-B
HDL-M/IRAC.1-B IR Emitter supports 4 channel infrared interfaces, totally can store up to 960 infrared codes. First part 150 infrared codes can be used for universal control, such as TV, DVD which supports receiving infrared codes. The other 810 infrared codes can be used as AC control and be compatible with any brand of AC device.
Working Voltage : 21~30VDC
Static current : <5mA
Dynamic current : <15mA
Transmitting carrier wave frequency : 38KHz
Emission distance : 7m
Current detection : <2A
Communication : KNX/EIB
Dimensions : H45mm x W45mm x D16mm
Net weight : 59.4g

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