HDL buspro / HDL KNX / Touch interfaces

iFlex Series 2/4/6/8 Buttons EU

Product code: HDL-M/P01.2-48-A, HDL-M/P02.2-48, HDL-M/P03.2-48-A, HDL-M/P03.2-46-A
HDL KNX / EIB M/P01.2-A,multifunction Panel controller include many kind of data point, can be used for many applications like lighting dimming, switch, curtain etc.
Working Voltage(from HDL-M/PCI.1/3) : 21~30VDC
Bus interface : KNX/EIB
Static current : <15mA
Dimensions : H86 x W86x D10.5mm
Net weight : 106.8g, 106.8g, 106.8g, 129.7g

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