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Enviro Panel

Product code: HDL-M/MPTLC43.1-A2.46
4.3 inch Enviro Touch Screen is a multi-function touch panel which supports the control of lighting, switches, air conditioners, FCU, music and floor heating etc. The 4.3 inch Enviro Touch Screen adopts 4.3-inch real color LCD screen and supports full touch screen control, which is easy and convenient to operate.
Working voltage : 21~30V DC
Working current : 30mA / 30V DC
Communication : KNX
Dimensions : 86×116.5×10.5(mm)
Net weight : 137.5g

Built-in temperature sensor
Adjustable backlight brightness
The interface icons can be replaced
The screen wakes up automatically
Displays current time and temperature
The controller will automatically switch to the clock standby interface according to the preset time. Then the panel will dim and enter power saving mode
With multiple control pages, the panel can control lighting, switches, air conditioners, FCU, music playback, floor heating, etc.
Supports various control types: Switch Control, Dimming Control
Shutter Control, Flexible Control, Scene Control, Sequence Control
Percentage Control, Threshold Control, String (14 bytes) Control
Alternate Control, Pulse Control, RGB Control, Fan Control, Combination Control.

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