You can take total control of your Home

We have a  wide range of products that allows you to make your home or building completely smart, and is constantly evolving and finding new ways to connect you to your home.

We offers elegant, affordable, expandable and intelligent automation solutions for residential and commercial buildings.  Control the lighting, climate control, curtains/blinds, background music, and energy management.

Some of the features include: sensing, additional security, whole-house modes, web access, smart phone/tablet control and much more.

Just a few taps with your finger and you are in full control. Simple to install, easy to use, live in comfort, save energy and feel safe. We create bespoke solutions that enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind. Complete home automation under one roof.

Enhance your lifestyle and save on your energy bills with a Home Automation system.

As a leading global manufacturer, HDL represents the future of true affordable smart homes.