Complete Control For Schools, Colleges, Universities and Other Education Centres

HDL can provide the smart building technology to manage the following:

  • Lighting
  • Colour temperature
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Shading

At HDL we believe in the philosophy that  “Knowledge Is Power”. In addition, it is also stated that, when one is Knowledgeable, he or she is considered to be “Smart”.  Embracing this philosophy, did you know that the biggest consumption of your energy bill is consumed by Heating Ventilation & Air Condition (HVAC) and Lighting?  HVAC is Approx. 60% while Lighting is Approx. 30%. Contributing  to the high percentages, especially in Schools, Universities and Other Education centers  are Careless Abuse & Misuse.

 HDL can help reduce this excessive cost by providing its Smart Building Technology to Manage & Control Lighting, HVAC and other Apparatus use throughout the Institution. For example, a) implementing and installing HDL Occupancy Sensors would control the Lighting and Temperature in rooms and areas when there is no motion being detective or b). Turn of any Apparatus if no activity for a certain period time.   

Smart Sensors for Smart Energy Saving

Smart sensors not only provide a variety of methods for detecting presence and occupancy, but can also detect ambient light-levels, room temperature, and even control A/V devices such as projectors, televisions and air-conditioning units.

Elegant Switches

With the ultimate professional look, smart-switches give any learning space the latest aesthetic touch by providing simple one-touch control for access to all the functions in the room, department, entire floor or even entire building.

Set the lights to your desired brightness and colour temperature, set the air-conditioning or heating to the desired temperature, and let HDL do the rest.

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