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DALI Master Actuatorr

Product code: HDL-M/DALI.1-B
DL-M/DALI.1-B HDL KNX DALI module can connect up to 64 DALI devices for address assignment and management.also can be realtime to detect the device fault, such as DALI fault, Lamp fault, Ballast fault. for each channel and group, support Switch ON/OFF,Relative dimming, Absolute dimming,1bit and 1byte status response function. Support the KNX standard dimming curve and DALI standard dimming curve.
Working power : 21-30V DC
Bus interface : KNX/EIB
Dynamic current : < 12mA
Static current : <5mA
Rated voltage : AC85-135V(60Hz) ---USA AC195-265V(50Hz)
Dimensions : H90x W72 x D66(mm)
Net weight : 239.4g

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